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Is Size Really Important?


Is Size Really Important?

At AJA Design, I’ve been championing small is best for some time now, and it seems that Google are now saying that’s official! So, is size really important?

It seems that mobile searches have finally taken over desktop searches, so if you’ve still not made your website responsive you could be falling behind your competitors. With nearly 7 out of every 10 adults using tablets or mobiles to make on line searches simply ignoring this is no longer an option.

A well considered responsive website adapts its layout based on the current screen size of the device. This means your website will fit virtually any device which uses a web browser. As well as adjusting to different desktop screen resolutions, it also works across smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Try re-sizing your browser window on the main AJA Design home page and you will see how we’ve implemented the technique to optimise your viewing experience. The answer to our question “is size really important?”, is obviously yes!

Five reasons why you should consider responsive design for your website:

  • Better usability
  • Display specific content
  • No need for multiple platform specific apps
  • Publish content only once
  • SEO benefits

Couple of examples for you from AJA Design:

Pontoon Works
International Centre for Aerospace Training
AmSafe Bridport
Halstock Cabinet Makers

Please also visit our web development page for some interesting information on our approach to web development.

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