Web Design

Websites are everywhere, but not all websites are equal! At AJA Design we give careful consideration to the design and responsive build, ensuring that your new website exceeds expectations.

Our Process

Wireframes and UX

When it comes to web design, we believe in starting simple. AJA Design often create wireframes; a design blueprint for the complete responsive website. Also on larger projects we map out the user experience (UX) to ensure that the site functionality and interactivity meets expectations. These building blocks provide the foundations for the next step… the design.

Our Process

Building your website.

The website design is a two way process with the customer.  A series of templates are developed which are then passed on to the developer who builds the website. The coding can look daunting, but the results are impressive! At AJA Design we pride ourselves on the finishing touches that really set your website apart.


We only use the best.

Introducing the worlds most popular CMS

Our developers use WordPress – a content managed system (CMS) that is simple, elegant and intuitive. Once the website is built we will set aside time to guide you through the system, enabling you to make regular updates to the website independently and without hassle. AJA Design also have experience in other platforms, including Magento for eCommerce applications.

“The brief we gave AJA Design required a lot of consideration and research. We have had very encouraging feedback from customers of all ages with regards to not just the design but the ease of the site’s use.”


Not forgetting those extra little touches

To make your users experience amazing!

Thermal Button Hover
Armourworks Tank Target Animation
AmSafe Bridport Toggle Switch