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How do you value a website?


How do you value a website

How do you value a website? Here’s a different approach to this question:

Imagine having a sales person who works 24 hours a day without ever taking a break, who never complains, is never ill and never takes a holiday. Now imagine that he (or she) is able to demonstrate your services articulately whilst presenting himself exactly as you would want him to, even if he has to squeeze onto a smart phone, answering enquiries and even taking orders from anywhere in the world without incurring travel expenses or hotel bills! What’s more he’ll never leave your company and take your hard earned contacts with him.

If that Sales person was willing to work for 4 years at lets say £0.28pence per hour (£2,500pa) surely you’d want to employ him, wouldn’t you? Of course, if your website is well designed and well considered it may last even longer, in which case the hourly rate would come down accordingly.

So, how do you value a website? If the cost of your website is only £10,000.00, lets face it, it would be a bit of a bargain at twice the cost, then it must be worth the initial investment.

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