A single idea

Why SEO is important


Lets start with the basics, SEO stands for search engine optimisation which basically means when you type in for example “Pictures of cute kittens” into Google it will provide you with a list of websites offering all the cute pictures of kittens you can handle. Most of the time you will click on the first site that you see at the top. Well simply put SEO is making sure that your site is that first website that comes up (or at least to start with on the first page).

We have a system here at AJA which we tend to break down into three stages:

  1. Research and analysis
  2. Code and copy changes
  3. link building

This system is our one size fits all SEO package and we provide reports on how each keyword is doing and how that is resulting in more traffic. We also give you a traffic and visitor overview when we do our reports so that you can see for example how old the users are and where they come from.

Some of our clients are already seeing traffic increases of 400% which will ultimately drill down to more potential business for your company. We are a little different from other companies and we try to keep things open and honest. You will not be number one for cute kittens over night but we will monitor your progress and help you get there eventually and hopefully target keywords that you will not of thought of along the way.