Digital Strategy

Integrated storytelling, user experience, eCommerce: they're all part of the digital family. AJA Design creates creates a well considered vision and goal opportunities for your digital strategy.
Online is everything.

Digital Strategy - Different Sized Businesses

No matter the size of your business or ambition for your brand, having a clear digital strategy is of paramount importance to generating real return on investment. Ask yourself, what better measure of your key performances is there other than feedback directly from your end users?

If they haven't already, nearly every leading brand has been busy appointing Digital Communities Managers – looking after social channels and sharing, eMarketing Managers – considering ways to engage users and attract more quality site traffic, or even Chief Digital Officers to initiate and develop digital strategies that cover both the near and distant futures.

At AJA Design, we recognise that it is not always practical for a business to employ an entire online division. This is why we have put together an expert team, comprising digital strategists, eCommerce experts, creative designers, social channel specialists, and copywriters, who can be instructed as a whole. This means you can demonstrate a targeted and controlled investment for your brand, welcoming an entire new arm of experience to your business without the risk.

What Does AJA Design Consider for Digital Strategy?

We take a holistic approach for your brand; it's important to remember that online has been created ‘offline’ – we still start with a pen and paper, just like you did when you sat down on your first working day and planned for success.

The core strategy always includes...

identifying the ideal, isolating the as yet unrealised, and aligning key opportunities.
Asking about and exploring the ‘what if’ scenarios and challenges.
Prioritising techniques and understanding how to demonstrate growth.
Understanding, exploring, and identifying current online assets.
Creating and conceptualising a vision of success.

Which elements makes up our service?

  • Social Communities

    No longer defined as simply ‘Channels’, we consider the right methods to maximise end user engagement without compromising your voice.

  • Online PR

    This encompasses the professionally created content available in the digital space, enabling your brand to be seen by and associated with the best online influencers.

  • Offline PR

    Every campaign must be transferrable to offline: there must be an element that is concrete and tangible to the end user – we never neglect the ‘flow’.

  • Brand Personality

    What would your product, service, or label sound like if it had a voice? Personification is a key part of developing consistency.

  • Creative Design and Content

    Instructing the very latest creatives to develop fresh visuals and unique copy to maintain your voice and stay on trend.

  • Web Development

    Choosing the most effective platforms and systems for your business and the skill set of your team.

  • Visibility

    Understanding the steps beyond SEO and PPC, and utilising the growing trend in social media channels as search engines.

Would you like to discuss your digital strategy or have an informal chat about why digital strategy will be important in 2017?