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How do you design an effective eCommerce website? Why is an eCommerce strategy important? Discover how we make digital work. Clients bring us their problems, looking for simple, beautiful, human solutions.

Why is an eCommerce strategy important?

React to your customers’ habits and analyse your KPIs with clear, plain English reports at regular intervals.
Active monitoring and feedback creates more opportunities for conversions; use data to experiement with marketing and sale optimisation.
What is your ambition for your digital business? We’ll create a strategy that tells your story; connecting with who really matters.
Create an expected journey for your customers, measure conversions, and understand how to increase engagement and sales.
Only spend on marketing that generates real returns by effectively analysing data, reducing costs and increasing margins.


Understanding how our eCommerce site interacts with our physical stores means that all our customers feel like they are getting the best deal on their purchases, all the time.


Why choose Arnold Jones to take
your eCommerce solution forward?

  • We put user design and brand exposure at the heart
    of every new strategy
  • Each project is scrutinised and considered for all your digital channels, not just on your single domain
  • We instruct and manage specialists for each function and feature of your website and strategy rather than relying on multi-tasking individuals
  • Impartiality: our priority is you and your goals; we
    are never influenced by affiliation or partnership
  • Our team is award winning and experienced where it
    really counts, with proven results



It is absolutely critical to choose function and form for the digital world; the more a user enjoys an experience – the more visually and mentally stimulated they are – the more they are likely to visit the website.

Tom Hensman, AJA Design

Meet Magento

Intuitive platform that works how you would expect it to: spreadsheets, Excel compatibility, Amazon/Ebay connectivity, and
much more.

Quickly obtain the information you really want: number of sales, averages, popular stock, customer habits; thousands of extensions to engage your audience.

Magento comes in two flavours

Magento has two editions: Community and Enterprise. The former is free to use, open source, and can handle most eCommerce strategies; the latter is for serious brands, and comes with a five figure annual cost that gives you direct access to a global network of support, training, and consulting services.


Magento Community Edition

  • Up to approximately 100,000 SKUs
  • Up to approximately £1m annual turnover
  • Up to approximately 100 transactions per day
  • Up to approximately 1,000 site visits per day


Magento Enterprise Edition

  • Beyond 100,000 SKUs and customisable products
  • Beyond £1m in annual turnover
  • Consistently more than 200 transactions per day
  • Consistently more than 2,000 unique daily site visits

Magento – you’re in good company

Quickly obtain the information you really want: number of sales, averages, popular stock, customer habits; thousands of extensions to engage your audience.


Magento users

£15 billion

transactions / year

eBay Inc.

owns magento