Red Malt e-commerce website

Red Malt e-commerce website
Take a look at the new e-commerce website for Red Malt, Chicago!

How frustrating is it to find a pair of jeans that actually fits?! 

We’ve been developing a new e-commerce website for a  jean company from Chicago called Red Malt They take your measurements and make you a pair of custom-fit jeans! The concept for Red Malt began in 2011. The vision was to create quality custom-fit jeans. Our job at AJA Design was to begin developing a brand that would embody American manufacturing at its very best.

Instead of mass-producing generic jean patterns, Red Malt incorporates each customer’s measurements prior to manufacturing. This ensures that every pair of jeans produced at its factory is unique and made-to-order. 

The e-commerce website is due to go live any day now, so we thought it was time to share with you the project. It was a hell of a challenge! Getting the right mix of creativity to represent and progress the brand, and practical functionality to ensure a positive visitor experience. We were particularly interested in evoking the right response from web visitors through well-considered copy. And combining this with graphics, typography and a suite of colours to represent ‘everything that is Red Malt’.

Our Top 5 considerations when we creating an e-commerce website:

Easily understood navigation
Compatibility with all devices and screen sizes
Quick loading times
Clear, beautiful images
A branding and industry match

We hope we have answered all of these considerations! Always looking for feedback, what do you all think? If you’re thinking about developing an e-commerce website, give us a call. Ask to speak to Tom or Lisa.

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Chicago based Red Malt is a custom, made to order jeans company. Every pair of jeans produced at its factory in the United States is unique and made-to-order. Their expertise is being involved in the design and creation process—from start to finish.

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