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First Impressions Are The Last


The first impression that most people will have of your company is your logo; establishing the correct style and tone-of-voice is critical. A logo can be a number of things. Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. It is however a sad fact that many companies are unwilling to invest in developing this important part of their overall marketing strategy.

A ‘good’ logo is hard to define. It should help to strengthen your brand identity and at the same time be memorable, so that existing and potential customers will instantly recognise and trust it.

Good logos may take many forms, from a simple font based logo, such as IBM where a small typeface tweak can make those three letters very distinctive, through to the kind of icon driven logo that shows exactly what you do, via a more symbolic visual such as Kingspan’s Lion.

A common mistake is to try and include too may elements, confusing the message. Find the one thing that works and stick with it. One good element could be diluted by trying too hard and including lots of different ideas. Before employing a designer, make sure that you understand the message that you want to portray. Take a look at other companies in your sector, find out which logos you like and which ones you really don’t like. Try not to use the same colours that everyone else in your industry uses. Consider where your logo is to appear, will it be on a memory card or the side of an aircraft? How will the logo be adapted to appear on social media sites? Finally make sure that your designer is aware of any corporate colours or fonts that must be a part of the design.

When choosing your design agency always use someone who understands how logos work and if possible understands your industry.

AJA Design have worked on countless brand development projects, ranging from sympathetic logo refreshes to more complex design overhauls. One thing that is consistent is our attention to detail. We are meticulous about the tiny details that really make the difference, and so should you be… your logo may be the first impression that lasts!