A single idea

Interactive presentation for Premier Group


A recent exciting project for Premier Group involved creating a video to promote its recent expansion and to highlight how it was heavily investing in infrastructure and staff.

A very text heavy PowerPoint provided the source of information for the video. The challenge was finding a way to create a visually engaging style to present all of the facts and figures.

The design team at AJA chose to feature infographics, clean typography and bold, flat colours to give the presentation a unique and memorable look.

Infographics break down data visually, helping viewers make sense of complex information. Their popularity has increased with the rise of social media, fuelling the need for instant results by providing content in bite-size, digestible chunks.

A thorough and comprehensive storyboard was created detailing each key part of the story, before any animation took place. 85 pages in total! At AJA we believe that this part of the process is important – i.e. allowing the designer space and time to be creative and think through the messaging.




The animation was built in Adobe After Effects and a focus was placed on ensuring the messages were short and visually interesting. We hope you like the end result! Take a look at the link below…

View Premier Group Video