A single idea

Advertising’s what you pay for, PR’s what you pray for..


Lots of debate on whether you spend budgets on PR or advertising. Our view is that both go hand in hand but have very different goals. Advertising focuses on promoting a product/service or improving brand recognition, whilst PR aims to create positive publicity with the public and media. Ultimately, both should help to increase sales.

Firstly, I often see various definitions of PR, so let’s clear this one up. It stands for Public Relations (not press releases or press relations). My marketing bible, Marketing Communications – an Integrated Approach (by PR Smith) defines PR as “the development of and maintenance of good relationships with different publics”. Publics include employees, investors, suppliers, customers, distributors, the media and even competition.

It is well documented that our audience react very differently to an AD as they do to a news article. When you read an AD there is a degree of scepticism, it is obviously biased and therefore perceived as unreliable. When you read an article however, especially when communicated via a third party, you see it as more informative and therefore ‘worthy of attention’.

Our view? Sorry, but nothing earth shattering here! For the most effective result you need a bit of both – an integrated approach. In this way, key messages are given maximum impact by communicating in several forms and appearing in numerous places to reach widest audiences.

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