A single idea

Add a little extra touch with Plax


Back in 2013 the parallax craze was at its peak and even we used some of its technology to help build a client site halstock.com. The basics of parallax was image/background movement based on scroll position. This was used on countless websites to create quite impressive effects with a simple technology. Most famous was the Nike microsite which isn’t live anymore but I have listed a few examples below for your browsing pleasure!


So where does parralax go now…

Well I believe it should now be stripped back and used subtlety in projects to add just that little bit of extra functionality to a jquery animation or a hover. The slight movement based on mouse position can add extra depth to that slider your client wants or that new gallery you are building.

Introducing  Plax!

Plax is a super simple jquery plugin that will move that beautiful background for you without complicated intergaration. Consider this exaple:

X & Y range is the distance in pixels it moves each way and gives you a good start to add extra to your slider images and then constrain those images within a wrapper element with overflow:hidden for example.

If you would like to use Plax in your next project here is a link to the github repo